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Baltimore salary database: 2015 city employees

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NameJob TitleAgency IDAgencyHire DateAnnual SalaryGross PayPay Beyond Salary
Conyers, ConradCROSSING GUARDC90910TRANS-Crossing Guards (910)2011-05-12$10,089.00$8,650.82-$1,438.18
Goodwin, Robin Y911 OPERATORA40301M-R Info Technology (301)2005-05-03$45,074.00$43,640.80-$1,433.2
Amato, Natalie RASSISTANT STATE'S ATTORNEYA29008States Attorneys Office (008)2011-10-24$67,000.00$65,568.53-$1,431.47
Butler, Michael ABUILDING MAINT GENERAL SUPVA50212DPW-Water & Waste Water (212)2011-10-17$46,747.00$45,316.79-$1,430.21
Harris, JoySR COMPANION STIPEND HLTHA65072HLTH-Health Department (072)2010-10-04$4,576.00$3,147.67-$1,428.33
Crawford, Maria ACROSSING GUARDC90910TRANS-Crossing Guards (910)2011-05-12$10,089.00$8,662.21-$1,426.79
Taylor Jr, James SSOLID WASTE SUPERVISORA70410DPW-Solid Waste (410)1985-09-19$57,930.00$56,507.59-$1,422.41
Hursey, ShannonSECRETARY IIIA75050Enoch Pratt Free Library (050)2007-09-10$35,212.00$33,790.80-$1,421.2
Aquavella, MichaelCode Enforcemt Investigator IA06019Housing & Community Dev (019)2012-01-03$41,109.00$39,688.59-$1,420.41
Cure, Lorelle MSCHOOL HEALTH AIDE (10 MONTHS)A65095HLTH-Health Department (095)2009-05-18$26,157.00$24,738.01-$1,418.99
Batts, Cherise NNUTRITION TECHNICIANA65531HLTH-Health Department (531)2013-08-19$34,111.00$32,695.77-$1,415.23
Ward, Alfreda DOFFICE ASSISTANT IIA49320TRANS-Highways (320)2011-11-14$30,949.00$29,539.87-$1,409.13
Hutchinson, DonnaLABORER (Hourly)A50303DPW-Water & Waste Water (303)2004-10-12$30,721.00$29,316.49-$1,404.51
Small, AzaleeCROSSING GUARDC90910TRANS-Crossing Guards (910)2011-05-12$10,089.00$8,685.13-$1,403.87
Wesby, Chrystal DOPERATIONS SUPERVISORA91013M-R Convention Center (013)2014-06-26$40,917.00$39,514.55-$1,402.45
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1 ... 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 ... 935

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Source: Open BaltimoreView salary archives
In one case, the city’s data inaccurately characterized an employee’s compensation, according to the City Council president’s office. Based on the hourly wage that he receives for part-time work at council meetings, employee Michael Swift’s annual compensation was listed at $187,000. Actually, he makes $5,000.
The city government fiscal year described by these public records stretched from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. The "pay beyond salary" field was calculated by The Sun by automatically subtracting annual salary from gross pay. All other fields were directly released by the the City of Baltimore; records have not been verified on a row-by-row basis by The Baltimore Sun. What might appear to be extremely low salaries may in many cases be hourly rates. Extreme ranges can in some cases be attributed to the hourly rates previously cited and in other rare cases may be attributable to copying errors on the part of individual department staffs. Government officials interviewed for this and previous salary projects say pay that varies from base salary can be attributable to overtime but could also be from promotions, stipends, bonuses, sick leave conversions and/or terminations. Salaries of zero dollars or zero percent may represent multiple scenarios, including contracting relationships and dismissals, respectively. Base-salary figures do not always represent actual salary paid, which can be higher or lower. Because of this, search totals on this user interface do not always balance. In some past salary databasees, accrued leave information was only provided by the employing entity for the year in which an employee retired or resigned his or her post and was paid the accrued value.