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Maryland salary database: 2015 state employees

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First NameMiddle initialLast nameSuffixPay system (CT, RG or UM)†Agency numberOrganizationOrganization subtitleClassification codeSalary/pay scale*Actual regular wages earnedDate of hire (EOD)Overtime earningsOther earningsYTD gross compensation**Pay type (hourly, annually or daily)Termination date
WILLIAMEKIRWANIIUM360236UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND360236-USMO1212$331,000.00$500,000.002002-08-01$0.00$510,000.00$1,010,000.00A
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There are 1 records from this query, shown with 15 records per page.
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($0 to $867,000, rounded outward)

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($0 to $859,000, rounded outward)

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($0 to $85,828, rounded outward)

Range for other earnings:
(-$1 to $2,045,000, rounded outward)

Range for YTD gross compensation:
($0 to $2,567,000, rounded outward)


View salary archives The Office of the Maryland Comptroller has rounded the salaries and gross pays to the nearest thousand to prevent tax fraud attempts on state employees. As a result, some figures have been rounded down to zero.
*The salary/pay scale refers to either an hourly/daily rate or certified annual salary. In certain situations, state data did not include rates of pay or payout numbers for certain hourly workers.
**"YTD gross compensation" reflects compensation before any pre-tax deductions are removed. The "YTD" refers to the time specified in the database query by the state, not to the current date.
†CT, RG and UM signify pay types for contract, regular and University of Maryland systems.

Source: Office of the Maryland Comptroller
For a partial reference to classification codes, see this page. The Baltimore Sun has been committed to publishing public salary databases since 2009.
This data can be downloaded in csv form here.