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First nameLast nameSuffixAgency numberOrganization titleOrganization subtitleClassification codeSalary/pay scale*Pay type (hourly, annually or daily)Pay system (CT, RG or UM)†Date of hireActual regular wages earnedOvertime earningsOther earnings (misc. adjustments)YTD gross compensation**
NATALIE 'ANTONIO360228STATE UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES360228 UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE 8000$10.00HCT2010-09-13$1,364.00$0.00$0.00$1,364.00
MIN A 360227STATE UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES360227 COPPIN STATE UNIVERSITY 9000$60,000.00ARG2008-08-15$58,461.74$0.00$0.00$58,461.74
MIN A360227STATE UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES360227 COPPIN STATE UNIVERSITY 5102$50.00HCT2012-02-01$3,000.00$0.00$2,000.00$5,000.00
MICHAEL A'HEARN 360222UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 360222-UMCP1212$151,815.76AUM1966-09-01$0.00$0.00$152,629.14$152,629.14
DEVOTA AABEL360226STATE UNIVERSITIES & COLLEGES360226 FROSTBURG UNIVERSITY 8200$7.70HCT2012-01-25$668.36$0.00$0.00$668.36
CHRISTOPHER AADLAND 300114DEPT OF NATURAL RESOURCES300114 CHES & COAST WATERSHED2587$56,750.00ARG2008-05-07$56,915.33$0.00$0.00$56,915.33
DAVID AALDERS 350207DEPT OF PUB SAFETY & COR SERVS350207 EASTERN SHORE REGION 4077$0.00ARG2002-08-19$53,153.79$0.00$0.00$53,153.79
DAVID AALDERS 351902DEPT OF PUB SAFETY & COR SERV351902 SOUTH REGION OPERATIONS 4077$59,894.00ARG2002-08-19$6,891.93$0.00$0.00$6,891.93
WAYNE AAMOLD 410101DEPARTMENT OF STATE POLICE410101 MARYLAND STATE POLICE 2715$36,710.00ARG2010-10-20$36,961.67$228.81$4,251.10$41,441.58
BIZHAN AARABI 360221UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 360221-UMB1212$420,000.00AUM2000-03-01$0.00$0.00$407,522.78$407,522.78
KEYVAN AARABI 360225UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 360225-UMES1010$6,050.00AUM2012-08-27$0.00$0.00$2,200.00$2,200.00
JEROME AARON 401201DEPT OF JUVENILE SERVICES401201 METRO REGION2599$32,723.00ARG2011-02-16$32,729.53$14,610.79$863.23$48,203.55
CARRIE AARON 330700DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES330700 LOCAL DEPT OPERATIONS694$41,567.00ARG2010-11-15$38,609.10$0.00$0.00$38,609.10
CHERYL AARON 320904DEP OF HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE320904 DEER'S HEAD CENTER4284$0.00ARG2005-03-02$10,511.10$1,257.07$1,595.27$13,363.44
JOY AARON 320201DEP OF HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE320201 REGULATORY SERVICES2247$48,928.00ARG1999-03-29$49,127.11$0.00$254.52$49,381.63
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There are 135,727 records from this query, shown with 15 records per page.
You are viewing page 1 out of 9,049 pages.
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*The salary/pay scale refers to either an hourly/daily rate or certified annual salary.
**Of the fields in this database, the one most likely to match the number on a W2 form is the "YTD gross compensation" field, which reflects compensation before any pre-tax deductions are removed. The "YTD" refers to the time specified in the database query by the state, not to the current date.
†CT, RG and UM signify pay types for contract, regular and University of Maryland systems.
Source: Office of the Maryland Comptroller

For a partial reference to classification codes, see this page. The Baltimore Sun has been committed to publishing public salary databases since 2009. See this page for past salary databases.
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