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Baltimore County employee pay database

Use this form to search for employee information from multiple years of salary and compensation data for public employees. These rows include data from both fiscal-year and calendar-year tabulations, which include different columns, so we urge a cautious approach when making any comparisons between rows. Specifically, these rows were released to The Sun as a series of sheets in an Excel file, corresponding with tabulations of calendar-year pay (for calendar years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and partial 2015) and (for 2016) fiscal-year employee salaries. To select a specific year, use the dropdown menu below. This database does not include school district salaries.
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Range for "Full CY Wages":
(-$1 to $218,462, rounded outward)

Range for "Partial wages (2015 only)":
(-$1 to $472,383, rounded outward)

Range for "Salary (FY2016 only)":
(-$1 to $230,448, rounded outward)


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