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Baltimore schools salary database - 2014

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Employee nameJob titleOriginal hire dateLatest hire dateRegular earningsOvertimeAdditional EarningsTotal EarningsTotal salary
Alexander, Rhonda J100265 Academic Dean - Student Support Services1980-09-012004-09-18$117,011.22$0.00$3,427.88$120,439.10$120,149.00
Lawrence Webb, Claudia102383 Coordinator - Related Services2005-08-202005-08-20$116,940.61$0.00$4,214.52$121,155.13$119,362.00
Harden, Crystal K110000 Principal2001-08-292001-08-29$116,689.00$0.00$4,522.79$121,211.79$142,827.00
Harbin, Dianne109946 Special Education Liaison2010-07-032010-07-03$116,576.61$0.00$3,574.34$120,150.95$118,180.00
House-Foster, Edith M109815 Manager - Public Information1999-05-031999-05-03$116,542.40$0.00$448.24$116,990.64$116,542.00
Johnson, Janet Thomas102270 Board Executive2006-07-062006-07-06$116,516.11$0.00$148,509.54$265,025.65$168,300.00
Scott, Barbara100255 Assistant Principal1981-02-031981-02-03$116,513.62$0.00$2,965.76$119,479.38$120,149.00
Gordon, Denise D102365 Coordinator1976-02-091976-02-09$116,032.38$0.00$5,279.08$121,311.46$119,810.00
Smith, Myra J100255 Assistant Principal1974-05-291974-05-29$115,881.80$0.00$5,984.10$121,865.90$120,149.00
Enkiri, John Frederick110000 Principal2012-09-172012-09-17$115,730.60$0.00$4,342.40$120,073.00$118,927.00
OHanlon, Kathleen N110000 Principal2005-06-252005-06-25$115,730.60$0.00$4,342.40$120,073.00$118,927.00
Wiley, Katrice M110000 Principal1999-08-271999-08-27$115,730.60$0.00$4,342.40$120,073.00$118,927.00
Lloyd, Phyllis R100255 Assistant Principal1978-01-111978-01-11$115,558.41$0.00$3,879.22$119,437.63$118,749.00
Halterman, Dale Janeen100255 Assistant Principal1984-01-041984-01-04$115,558.40$0.00$4,335.95$119,894.35$118,749.00
Schell Lee, Danielle Nicole100255 Assistant Principal1994-08-311994-08-31$115,558.40$0.00$4,335.95$119,894.35$118,749.00
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There are 13,731 records from this query, shown with 15 records per page.
You are viewing page 9 out of 916 pages.
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This is a searchable database of wages and overtime paid to public educators in the Baltimore City Public Schools. To set search parameters, enter an employee name, job title or a range for total earnings (by moving the sliders).
Some especially large total compensation numbers may reflect severence or accrued leave for departed staffers.
Figures may differ from some previous city schools salary data because they often reflected projected salaries. The city school system recently provided The Baltimore Sun with actual earnings of its employees, which is shown in this database.
Employee name:

Job title:

Original hire date:

Latest hire date:

Range for Regular earnings
(-$3,559 to $195,000, rounded outward)

Range for Overtime
($0 to $48,990, rounded outward)

Range for Additional earnings
(-$728 to $217,157, rounded outward)

Range for Total earnings
($0 to $338,987, rounded outward)

Total salary:
(-$100 to $290,000, rounded outward)


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Source: Baltimore City Public Schools | Download BCPS-provided cy2014 data as an Excel sheet
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Notes: This data was released by the Baltimore City Public Schools, and has not been verified on a row-by-row basis by The Baltimore Sun. The BCPS is a separate entity from other city government. The city's non-BCPS salaries are part of a separate data set and are not included here. What might appear to be extremely low salaries may in many cases be hourly rates. Extreme ranges can in some cases be attributed to the hourly rates previously cited and in other rare cases may be attributable to copying errors on the part of individual department staffs. Government officials interviewed for this and previous salary projects say pay that varies from base salary can be attributable to overtime, but could also be from promotions, stipends, bonuses, sick leave conversions and/or terminations. While salaries are recorded in correspondence with the fiscal year in which they are assigned, payment is recorded by calendar year. Salaries of zero dollars or zero percent may represent multiple scenarios, including contracting relationships and dismissals, respectively. Base-salary figures do not always represent actual salary paid, which can be higher or lower. Because of this, search totals on this user interface do not always balance. In past versions of this database, accrued leave information was only provided by the district for the year in which an employee retired or resigned his or her post and was paid the accrued value.